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Guest from Google

December 23 we  invited graduate of our University Maksat Musayev, who now works at Google, he held a seminar in which he told about himself and  about work in Google.

Maksat Musayev went  7 to  8 grade in the Kyrgyz-Turkish Lyceum named Hussein Karasaeva in Karakol, after the 8th grade, he was transferred to  KTL named Chyngyz Aitmatov, where he studied until the 11th grade.

In 2006 he entered the department of finance and credit in MUAA. After graduation he began to study in graduate programs in the Central European University in Budapest on Economic Policy in Global Market.

 A month before the end  the CEU, Maksat began submit resume in many firms, including Google. After which it began to receive job offers from Google and other companies. He said that Google make interview 3 times, 2 of them on the phone. As soon as  took him on the job, the company immediately send Maksat to practice (training) in Dublin for 2 weeks. Maksat also talked about the things that he likes in Google: free food, Play Station, free schedule and friendly staff. The first impression of young Kyrgyz - had a very large flow of information, which was hard to master, but Maksat said"Patience and hard work-makes all easier ." Maksat works in the department of customer support small and medium businesses. At this point, he worked in Google 1 year and 6 months.

After Maksat Musayev's talk, the students began to ask questions.

1 question Nursultan Mainazarov : What are the problems you faced in Google?

The main problem is - a huge pace of work. If you want to get a good job, you have to be creative people. I give myself a limit of 5-6 years at one job, so I'm working on maximum to get the result in 5 years I have to show , see , learn and to return to Kyrgyzstan

2 question from a student  5th year branch of the global economy: Google - an IT company,how they took you with the formation of the financier?

Google is not entirely composed of IT departments, there also  support different  segments. Google - the place for all different directions, any position?

3 question from a student of International Relations Manas:

Whom do you see yourself in 4 years?

It does not matter whom, important to remain human, no one can take away this. Just stay as human and dream - thoughts materialize.

4 question from a student of computer engineering Omurbek:

Got what you wanted?

"The World is Not Enough." Desires are endless. If you can not be satisfied, you'll be the most miserable person.

5 question from a students of management department Karim:with receipt in university  appeared desires and goals? When you have  a purpose?


Also at the university. I remember we were up 8-9 in the evening. It was fun. Here given a chance for self-realization MUAA gives maximum and more.

This concludes our seminar Thank Maxat Musaeva, for your time and come.


22 January 2015

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