Students of IT & Business College are champions in design!

February 25, 2024

On February 16-17, 2024, the 12th International Design Championship among College students was held at the Krasnoyarsk College of Services and Entrepreneurship.

Representing the IT & Business College, the 3rd year students of the Design department, Islambek Azhybekov and Tatyna Kymbatbek kyzy, demonstrated a high level of professionalism, winning 1st place and a gold medal. In addition, for the best product photo, the founder of the U-Drive wristwatch company presented a special prize to Islambek Azhybekov. Their mentors, Andrey Ermakov and Elnura Alieva, made a huge contribution to the success of our students, who with great diligence and professionalism guided students in the right direction during their training. Thanks to their guidance and support, the students were able to show their talent and achieve outstanding results during the championship. The role of mentors in their success is valuable, and we express our deep appreciation to them for their dedication and professionalism.

Returning with a well-deserved victory, our students shared their impressions, which were filled not only with joy from achievements, but also with pride for representing IT & Business College in the international arena:

“The competition was held for two days, during which we were engaged in creating interactive designs using animation and technological objects such as buttons. An important part of the task was the correct distribution of the text using a grid, as well as the placement of four articles on the pages provided in duplicate for each article.

In addition, during the competition, we had to complete an unexpected task called “The cat in the bag”, where it was necessary to edit the face of the model. About five hours were given to work, and the results were saved in EPUB format. On the second day, we also performed an unexpected task. In addition to the previous task, it was instructed to add another article and an advertising block. We had to distribute the text correctly and place an additional article and advertisement in accordance with the requirements of the assignment. By performing all the tasks correctly, we were able to achieve significant success. I would like to thank our mentors for their constant support.” - said Tatyna.

“Doing photography work was not only a success for me, but also an opportunity to share my experience. During the competition, I had to face various tasks: subject photography, portraits, urban environment and the transfer of water texture. I paid special attention to the shooting of the watch. Thanks to this photo, I was lucky enough to receive a watch from the U-Drive company as a gift. When shooting objects, I paid attention to details and the play of light to emphasize their uniqueness.

In portraits, I tried to convey not only the external beauty, but also the emotions of the models in order to create stories about the human essence. The urban environment became a canvas for me, where I expressed my vision of the hustle and beauty of a modern metropolis. And shooting water allowed me to convey its texture and symbolism of life and change. Participation in the competition confirmed that creativity and the pursuit of excellence always find their recognition. Thanks to our joint work, we managed to win the championship.” added Islambek.

In addition, it is worth noting that a Memorandum of cooperation was signed between the AIU and the Krasnoyarsk College of Services and Entrepreneurship. This important step is aimed at strengthening partnerships and sharing experiences between educational institutions, which contributes to the development of the quality of education and academic progress of both sides. Congratulations to our students and we believe that this victory is just the beginning!