The Constitutional Chamber of the Kyrgyz Republic and Ala-Too International University have signed Memorandum on Cooperation

October 31, 2017

Today, the Constitutional Chamber held a solemn event to sign a memorandum on cooperation between the Constitutional Chamber and the Ala-Too International University. The event was attended by the chairman, deputy chairman of the Constitutional Chamber, the head of the apparatus and the heads of structural subdivisions of the Constitutional Chamber apparatus, as well as the rector of the Ala-Too International University and the head of the department of jurisprudence of the Economics and Management Department.

  "Signing the memorandum between our institutions is aimed at establishing effective cooperation in the field of legal education on issues of constitutional control, as well as on the formation of an institutional framework for cooperation in the scientific sphere on issues of constitutional law," said Erkinbek Mamyrov  the Chairman of the Constitutional Chamber.

  Within the framework of the signed memorandum, such forms of cooperation as the exchange of regulatory and scientific and research information were envisaged; holding joint scientific and practical conferences, seminars, round tables; mutual provision of access to library and other information resources;  assisting the Constitutional Chamber (on a volunteer basis) in carrying out events with the participation of representatives of foreign states; the passage by students of educational, fact-finding, industrial and undergraduate practice in the Constitutional Chamber; reception and training in postgraduate study of the employees of the Constitutional Chamber.

  It should be noted that the Constitutional Chamber conducts an active work on interaction with universities, signed Memoranda of Cooperation with the Kyrgyz National University named after Zhusup Balasagyn, Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, Kyrgyz State Law Academy , the Diplomacy Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, the relations in the practice of students in the Constitutional Chamber, open doors, essay contest, guest lectures for students, summer schools of constitutionalism and conferences with teachers of the mentioned universities are established.