In the last month of year of "Morality, Educations and Cultures "Student Council of Ala-Too International University organized on 8 December, competition in honor birth of great writer Ch.Aytmatov of "Ala - Too Readers".

December 29, 2017

 Competition was 8 December, organized in honor birth of great writer Ch.Aytmatovs’ two books. The participants of competition had to read and understand essence and philosophy of both books, their task was to answer 30 questions and write to the essay on a theme including both books. A competition passed on December 8 in 16: 00 in and block. About 40 students participated on a competition, but more than 80 students were registered. All participants of competition walked up to it very responsibly. The prizewinners of this competition were become 1-place 1 yaer student Ilgiz Jumaev , 2-  place 1 year student Aijan Baibolot  student ,3-place 2 year student Aiperi Osmonalieva.