UN Week at Ala-Тoo International university

October 26, 2017

To The International Day of United Nations, Law Program of AIU and the UN in Kyrgyzstan has organized events in the form of lectures and seminars throughout the week.

On Monday we held an open lecture on Career opportunities in the UN. Almaz Sartbayev, an employee of the world Health Organization, held a very interesting and motivational lecture during which our students asked their questions. As a result, the students received not only great advices and also good gifts for their interesting questions.

On Tuesday there was an open lecture on the topic of: Protection of rights of refugees in mixed flows. The students were very interested. Employee of the UNHCR in Kyrgyzstan, Anna Ne explained in details about their activities and the rights of refugees. She also showed reliable statistics on refugees. For active participation, students received books and legal codes as a gift.

On Thursday we organized open lecture on topic of: the Work of UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic by Lucius Valerio. He explained us about the work of UNDP, Sustainable Development Goals, UN structure and shared his own experiences gained through working in UN. Students asked questions about the "jurisdiction of UN, Principles of UN and even about International Court of Justice. Lecture was very interesting and students were given presents. We found out that most of participants wants to work in International Organizations like United Nations in future. By the opinion of first year student, such kind of events really motivates them.

At the end of the week, Asel Sharsheeva, UNHCR representative in the Kyrgyz Republic held an open lecture on the topic: Activities of UNHCR in the field of statelessness.

Students loved the Week of the UN, by their words: As an integral part of society, everyone needs to know about the activities of the UN and promote the idea of sustainable development goals.