Students of Law Department participated in the International Youth Legal Forum (Astana, Kazakhstan).

December 18, 2017

  From December 11 to 14, 2017 students of the Law Program of the Ala-Too International University participated in the III International Youth Legal Forum "Mechanisms for the Protection of Human Rights" organized by the Kazakh State Law University (KAZGUU) with the support of the OSCE Program Office in Astana and the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan, in the city of Astana, the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 16 student teams from Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan attended the Forum.

  In the first two days, students received a unique opportunity to participate in master classes from leading experts in the field of human rights protection. The first master class was dedicated to the fact-check, the current direction of validating of the information. The second master class was held in the frame of human rights protection in advocacy. The third master class was devoted to the state provision of mechanisms for the protection of human rights by the state. The speaker of the master class, Abylayuly Abay, the Head of the Department of International Legislation and Comparative Law, spoke about the state's fulfillment of international obligations in the field of human rights and their limitations.

 The final master class was held by the Director of the Karaganda branch of the Kazakhstan Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law Gusakov Y.A. Mr. Gusakov revealed the issues of building a legal state, democracy, equality and development of human rights mechanisms, taking into account the specific features of the legislation of each represented state.

 At the moment, human rights and their provision is an actual topic not only for scientific communities, but also for the general public. Realization and observance of human rights is a priority of the state and society, there are more and more human rights organizations and public figures that draw their attention to the imperfection of the human rights protection system.

 On the third and fourth days of the Forum, participants from Kazakhstan, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan presented Projects on improving mechanisms for human rights in various areas: the rights of persons with disabilities, the rights of children, gender equality, freedom from torture, consumer protection, the creation of a network of legal clinics, the rights of convicts and other human rights issues. Students in the name of Aldaiiarbekov Niiazbek, Maksutova Nazima and Omurova Karima presented the Project on the improvement of mechanisms for the rights of protection of persons with disabilities. Experts noted the high level of preparation of all teams, the relevance and importance of the Projects. Gusakov Y.A., Director of the Karaganda branch of the Kazakhstan Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law, Abylayuly A., Head of the Department of International Legislation and Comparative Jurisprudence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Kuryachenko DP, lawyer of the Bar Association of Astana, worked in the composition of the panel of judges.

  We would like to express our deep gratitude to Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Law Program of the AIU Tegizbekova Zhyldyz Chynarbekovna for valuable recommendations and support in preparing for this Forum!