Welcome 2018!

December 29, 2017

 The last week of the old year was special for students and teachers at the Ala-Too International University, since the last final exams were being passed and the New Year concert of the university administration was held on the same week. The program was an opprtunity not just to relax from exams and tests, but it made people to feel  approaching of the new 2018. The concert was full of songs, dance and jokes, and the most important were presents that were played for students: sertificates from Has Shirin, Ojak Kebap, Pierre coffee, Dve palochki, the bookstore “Raritet”, headphones, USB flash cards, wallets, bags, thermoses, and super prizes – mobile phone of Redmi and tablet of Samsung. Congratulations to the lucky ones -  Tahmina Akparalieva and Aydan Erkinbaeva! And of course, traditional “Ded moroz” and “Snegurochka” also pleased children with their presence and gifts.