Students of Ala-Too abroad

February 2, 2018

We continue our series of interviews with students who have been abroad. Today we are talking with the student of the Faculty of Economics and Administration of the "Management"  department -Elima Azimurat kyzy.

- Hello, Elima! Please,tell our readers about your journey to South Korea?

-When I chose the countries from the list of the partners of the AIU, I saw Malaysia and wanted to go there, but they reqiured an official TOEFL certificate, and I did not have it. Then I wanted to choose Poland, but all quotas were already occupied. Finally, I chose Gachon University because it is close to the capital-Seoul. It is just half an hour to get Seoul, very close. This is how I chose South Korea.

-What differences did you find in life, culture, and education in Korea and Kyrgyzstan?

-When I first went to class, I noticed that all the guys are sitting in front. What about our young gentlemen? Boys hide back mostly and girls sit in front. And look here, on the contrary, boys are sitting, and asking questions to the teacher. And yet, contrary to the prevailing opinion, not all Koreans know English. I was very surprised. In terms of education there everything is the same as in AIU (in the AIU we use the interactive form of education, author's comment), we needed to prepare presentations, to do homework, etc. People there are very sympathetic, kind, always ready to help.

At first it seemed to me that they were angry, and then I saw that they were talking like that, they had a very expressive manner of speech. The standard of living there is certainly better.

-Did you learn Korean?

-Yes, a little.

- What impression did you get after the trip, when you came back?

-In the beginning, I did not realize how this trip would turn out for me. I thought, well, I will study, as I did, but in another place. But after all that I saw and experienced, I just wanted to stay there, a motivation appeared, I saw that I have something to strive for. Of course, I wanted to go abroad after graduating from university, because, for example, in Korea there is a high salary.

 -What was the atmosphere at the university? What countries were foreign students from?

-There were guys from Africa, from China. Also there were a lot of students from Mongolia and many Uzbeks too. There were even girls from Colombia.

-What changed in you after the trip? Can you feel any changes in yourself, in character?

- Before the trip, I was keen on K-Pop, but I did not quite understand what Korea was like. After I visited it, I realized that I am now just crazy about Korea, about its culture and people.

-What role did the AIU play in your experience?

-Our university gave me such an opportunity to go abroad, to study and try myself in something new. In general, thanks to the university, I spent a little money, there were only personal expenses for living, food and transportation, but I did not pay the tuition fee at Gachon. I was very lucky.

- By the way, about this. How much money have you spent for all six months of exchange period in Gachon?

 -The whole trip cost me about 3000 dollars.

-What advice would you give the future generation of exchange students?

- I did not know that this would be such an experience, I thought that it would be a waste of money for traveling. In fact, it so broadens the horizon! That's how I said, there is such a rabid motivation! Until you see it yourself, you will not understand this, so go study for exchange and try yourself!

- Many thanks, Elima for your story! We wish you success!

-Thank you so much!