The project "Responsible Financing" - right to financial literacy!

March 26, 2018

The Science Department of AIU launched joint project “Responsible Finance” with International Financial Company (IFC) (the World Bank Group), AUCA, CJSC Finca Bank, CJSC Bank of Asia, CJSC Bank “Bai Tushum” and micro-credit company “Arysh Invest”.

The project purposes to research the opportunities of enhancing the competencies of financial service users and reveal their needs.

The project includes both primary data collection and analytical parts and is going to last 9 months.

The project is going to be completed in September 2018.

The project participants include 80 students of Economics and Administrative Science, 2 PhD candidates of Economics Department of AIU and students of Sociology  Department of AUCA.

The main project coordination is going to be held by Science Department of AIU