Students of the "Ala-Too" International University took part in the Olympiad on Law in "Krasnovidovo", Russia.

April 28, 2018

From 13 to 16 April 2018, the IV international Olympiad for students of law clinics "legal skills", organized by the center for the development of legal clinics with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the company Garant, was held at the recreation Center "Krasnovidovo".

The competition was attended by 48 students of legal clinics from 33 higher educational institutions of Russia and CIS countries. The competition was attended by clinical students from 20 regions of Russia, as well as from Kyrgyzstan and Belarus.

Participants of the Olympiad were divided into 8 teams of 6 people each. Each team included representatives from different universities. Thus, for the victory in the competition teams competed in the overall standings, and not representatives of individual universities. This principle of forming teams contributes not only to leveling the competitive struggle between universities, but also helps participants to learn teamwork and exchange knowledges.

During three days of the Olympiad teams had to pass five competitive rounds in one case, each of which was evaluated by experts in the field of legal clinical education, practicing lawyers and representatives of the academic community.

Each of the five rounds of the Olympiad was devoted to assessing one of the practical skills of a lawyer. In the first round the teams had to conduct initial and repeated interviewing of the visitor of the legal clinic. In the second round, the participants were asked to analyze and develop a position on the educational case. The third round involves the business of the client. At the fourth stage of the Olympiad the teams had to draw up procedural documents and coordinate them with the client. Finally, in the fifth, final, round of the Olympiad the teams met in the trial.

Following the results of the Olympiad, the winner and prize-winners of competitions were defined. The winner of the competition was the team consisting of: Alice Berman (HSE, Moscow), Anastasia Veselkina (MSU named after M. V. Lomonosov, Moscow), Elizabeth Hermach (Volgograd Institute of management Ranhigs, Moscow), Violetta Hovhannisyan (national research Tomsk state University, Tyumen), Serhiy Olesko (Polotsk state University, Polotsk, Belarus) and Azamat Suleimanov (International University Alatoo, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic).

As the team consisting of Omuraliev Kurmanbek took an honorable fourth place in the competition: Anashkin, Sergei Pavlovich (Moscow city pedagogical University), Nika Dongak Lazarevna (Tuva state University), Julia A. Karev (Russian University of friendship of peoples), Kovyazina Christina Olegovna (Ryazan state University named for S. A. Yessenin), Kurmanbek Omuraliev Talibulovich (international University Alatoo), Zwetzig Catherine E. (Ural state law University).

Because of the Association of legal clinics of the Kyrgyz Republic,the students of the International University Ala-Too, as well as students of other universities of the Kyrgyz Republic had the honor to take part in these competitions. Students were given the opportunity not only to show their skills and theoretical knowledge, but also to learn something new from their foreign colleagues.

Kurmanbek Omuraliev and Azamat Suleimanov was one of the representatives of our University!

Omuraliev Kurmanbek: I am very lucky that we have a close-knit and friendly team throughout the event. In my opinion, we were very lucky with the team, was able to quickly and accurately solve assigned tasks, we had a common goal –to solve the tasks at any cost (even sacrificing meals and sleep)!

Mixing participants from different universities and even from different countries helps to expand the professional circle of communication and allows you to make new friends; helps to learn more about the peculiarities of law and life in other countries; makes competitive tasks more interesting and informative.

 The most difficult stage for us was to analyze the case and develop a position, and the strongest stage, I think, for us was the judiciary proceeding. It was at this stage that we managed to show all the team potential, we really got used to the role and with all the real that at the stage of preparation for the trial (even late at night), which at the trial itself, defended the position of our principal. I felt like a real lawyer defending the rights and interests of my client and from this more and more eager to "fight".

This competition gave not only knowledge that is sure to be useful in our professional activities, but also gave the whole range of emotions and experiences. Well, about interesting new acquaintances should not be forgotten.

Suleimanov Azamat: The educational dispute was very complicated. It was very important and difficult to combine both the qualities of a lawyer and the quality of an understanding person. We managed to win only by working in a team. Coherent and cohesive decision-making helped to achieve victory. There was a lot of controversy, but the objections and suggestions were reasonable. This helped us to come to a common decision.

Our team was multinational. This allowed us to get acquainted with the culture of everyone. In turn, such interest quickly all of us friends among themselves that was reflected in quality of work of all team. It seems that this is why it is important to mix the teams, combining strangers in them.

On the second day we seemed to have been extinguished, tired, exhausted. That's why it was important to gather, to find new strength to work. Funny inscription on the wall "we are the best - we will win" constantly set to work, helped to find new strength. In addition, each member of the team helped each other, closed his weaknesses with his strong ones.

In conclusion, I would like once again to express my gratitude to the Association of legal Clinics of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as the head of  the Department of legal programs Ismailov Nurlan  Asanovich, for providing limitless opportunities and conditions through which we participate in international competitions.