Event-celebration of the Day of the Kyrgyz Language

October 3, 2018

   So, the new academic year has started and the first large event-celebration of the Day of the Kyrgyz Language has already passed in the AIU!

  We are particularly pleased to emphasize that not only students but also our respected teachers and administration representatives participated in the celebration.

   The weather pleased everyone with its warmth and radiance, and therefore the holiday began on the street, where we held a traditional fair of national dishes We were singing, dancing and playing national games.

   The celebration was continued with the concert at our Konya hall with the participation of our students, teachers, as well as Kyrgyz pop stars-Ayana Kasymova, Zhenishbek Zhumakadyr, Nur Cholpon, Zhypara Tashtanova and others.

   We express our gratitude to all participants of today's holiday for the amazing atmosphere of unity and friendship!