UNDP Training on Countering Gender Discrimination

March 14, 2019

 On March 6, 2019, a one-day training on countering gender discrimination was held at Ala-Too International University. 3rd year students of International Relations department actively participated in this event organized with the support of the project by UNDP and Foreign Affairs Ministry of Finland “Widening access to justice for legal empowerment in the Kyrgyz Republic”. ‘The project aims to promote legal empowerment of vulnerable populations in the Kyrgyz Republic, with a focus on rural women, children and youth at risk, and persons with disabilities, by improving their access to justice and legal aid in compliance with international human rights standards and recommendations’.

 The students were acquainted with prejudices and stereotypes, different forms of discrimination against women and men, methods of confrontation and prevention of this phenomenon. Coach Nurzhan Estebesova organized interesting entertaining games and exercises that contributed to the increase and strengthening of students' knowledge on human rights. They actively participated in discussions, expressed their opinions and suggested ways to solve the problem.

 Department of International Relations expresses deepest gratitude to the representatives of UNDP in Kyrgyzstan Meri Bekeshova and Nurzhan Estebesova for organizing such an effective training.