Gallery Walk - Term Project in ELL 19B and ELL 17.

December 6, 2019

  November 28-29, 2019, Block D, 4th floor, Faculty of Social Sciences, of IAU.

  ELL 19B and ELL 17 of the Faculty of Social Sciences organized  Gallery Walk  as a Term Project  last week in the frame of the English Week. It was the new activity in the learning process for both groups with their instructor Shurubu Karimova. ELL 19B presented “Short Stories for Analytical Reading”, and ELL 17presented “English Poets and their Poetry”. During one month students learned, researched the topics. They learned to brainstorm using Mind Maps, to select necessary materials, to cooperate with each other, ask high-level questions, answer them thinking critically, and create their posters. The whole process involved everyone into using active learning strategies, enriching each other, sharing knowledge with each other, and getting ready to share their knowledge with the whole faculty community. 21 century 4Cs – Critical thinking, Cooperation, Correlation, and Creativity became the main part of the active learning. As it was the Term project each of them did his/her best to earn certain scores. The audience also evaluated their posters and presentations. November 29 presentation was accompanied by music played by ELL 19B students who sang English songs composed on English poets’ poems, and ELL 17 students read the poems. It was a great fun.

 P.S. Here come some photos and videos from the active learning process and presentations.