Ala-Too International University English Proficiency Test (AIU EPT)

Ala-Too International University English Proficiency Test (AIU EPT)

As it`s known, at the AIU lessons are being taught in English. General education subjects are taught in the state and official languages. To study in the 1st year, the applicant must know English at the Intermediate level. All applicants, after registering at the university, take part in the AIU EPT, which consists of 5 parts:

  1. Vocabulary;
  2. Grammar;
  3. Reading;
  4. Listening;
  5. Writing.

Students who receive 60% out of 100% of the result are transferred to the first year of the programs in which they entered and study for four years. Otherwise, students enter the preparatory course of the AIU (Foundation Course), where they intensively study English with native speakers. The studying period for those will be five years.

Please note that the AIU EPT is not an introductory test. Due to this test, we identify the level of English among students and distribute them by levels.

Applicants with original TOEFL (IBT-60 points), IELTS (6.0 points) certificates can provide a copy and can automatically be enrolled in the first year of the AIU without participating in the AIU EPT.

Admission of applicants will begin according to the schedule of the selection committee at the address Bishkek, microdistrict. Tunguch, st. Ankara 1/10 (intersection of Ch.Valikhanov st.).

Any questions related and advice may be reached by calling +996 (555) 820000 (W / App)