The holy land of the world’s longest epic poem, Manas, with around six million in population and an area of 198 square meters, Kyrgyzstan is situated on the tracks of the Great Silk Road. It shares borders with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikstan and China. This country is a land island of wonder, where Kyrgyz, Russian, Kazakh, Uzbek, Uygur and more than 70 other nationalities have come together to live in peace for centuries.

            Located at the very heart of the Central Asian region, Kyrgyzstan has its special place in the hearts of both Kyrgyz and its guests from all over the world. Talas, Naryn, Issyk-Kul, Batken, Osh, and Zhalal-Abad are the geographic regions, each with its unique natural beauties.

            The Talas region is the motherland of two prominent individuals:

-Manas, the hero of the world’s longest epic, and

-Chyngyz Aitmatov, the internationally known Kyrgyz writer.

            The Issyk-Kul region is the Pearl of Kyrgyzstan and holds Lake Issyk-Kul, second in the world in size of crater lakes, which is a paradise for tourism.

            The region of Osh, situated in the Fergana Valley, with its 3,000 year old history and Mountain of Prophet Sulaiman, a peak with a breath-taking view, is one of the favorite destinations of tourists. The mixture of local Uzbek and Kyrgyz cuisine makes it a food heaven, with its plov, a dish made of a locally harvested unique type of rice, finger-licking samsa, and bread baked in a handmade oven plus many other delicious dishes.

            Naryn, a region through which the Great Silk Road had laid its vestige, is a door to China and has virginal pastures for pure-bred horses and sheep. It is a locus for sweet meat and tongue-teasing kymys, femented mare’s milk, which is an immune system booster!

            Zhalal-Abad, the region of famous walnut forests and mineral waters especially suitable for joint care and sulfur supplies, enables it to have sunspot resorts of international worth.

            Kyrgyzstan, with its hospitality, rich culture, beautiful nature, ingenuous people, and local educational institutions such as the Ala-Too  International University, where educational norms meet the world standards, will prepare you to be a strong individual with solid base. AIU will prepare youto take the leap and fly out of the open window to the world



 Bishkek is located at the foothills of Ala-Too, in the Chui valley, where two big rivers, Ala-Archa and Alamedin, flow through. Formerly, it used to be called Frunze and was built in 1878.

             Approximately 1 million people abide in the capital city.

Cultural and art centers, numerous schools, universities, theaters, museums, café, restaurants, shopping malls, and bazaars exist to cater for various needs of the people and its visitors.

               Transport, including taxis, buses, minibuses, trolleybuses form a sophisticated hub, that make a locomotion within the city very easy, convenient, and comfortable.

               Heating and gas systems are on throughout the year, giving a continuous supply of hot and cold water, drinkable directly from the tap and many other services will make staying in Bishkek very comfortable.

               With its wide streets, firm social and cultural infrastructure, numerous parks, walking zones with diversified plant sorts, Bishkek is rightfully considered one of the greenest cities in the world.

               There are tens of leisure zones which are perfect for picnics. Because of the clean water, fresh air and virgin nature, it is an ideal place for life. Let’s not forget to mention about the historical city Balasagyn, which is close to Bishkek, which was the capital city of the Karakhani state during the reign of Yusuf Has Khadjib. It is currently a tourist center. 

               With its technical infrastructure, experienced academic staff and modern campus, the Ala-Too International University will welcome you with open arms, for the preparation to your promising future.