Students Clubs

Social clubs

  The goal of all clubs: the creation of conditions for leisure and development of creativity, self-realization of students, improving the culture of students and the effective use of the creative potential of students

  The Student Council is the Golden Bridge between students and the administration. The club is involved in public activities aimed at the solution of important questions of activity of student's youth, and the development of its social activity. In addition, student council is an organization that exists solely on the enthusiasm of its participants, which define goals, assign tasks, find their solutions and achieve desired results.




   V-Fund charity club, whose mission is to help people and find the best solutions with minimum effort and maximum result, and create the current system works. The main purpose of this Fund to provide greater assistance and support to orphanages, boarding schools, homes for the aged, and to all those who need it. The Fund also cooperates with similar funds such as "the Elim barsynby?» Active Jugend, and together with them creates and implements large-scale projects.


 The International student council is a club created for the help and social activity of students from foreign countries.   It gives them the opportunity to make friends, develop new skills, work in a team, the ability to set and achieve goals, the development of creativity, as well as interesting and fun spending time.


Komuz Club “Nur”- is a club created for all students who is interested in  playing Komuz. The club actively participates not only at events inside the university, but also abroad.


  KVN - with each exit on the stage, KVN shares with the audience its energy of laughter and fun.   During of the existence of this movement students and graduates of the university became more successful, competitive and harmonious individuals because the Club of Cheerful and Sharp-witted being a universal genre forms not only acting technique, but also leadership qualities.


  Alatoo-dance is a university dance club.  The goal of the club is not only the development of folk dances, but also the development of modern Korean culture (K-POP).  Dance Club Ala-Too is also engaged in the production of dance and trains all interested students.


  Music club - was created to develop the creative potential of students.  The university has various types of musical instruments - from the piano to the drum system, here students can practice their skills or learn to play.  In the club, students share their experience in owning various musical instruments,also participate in all activities  of the  university.


Sports Club - A football field and basketball, volleyball and tennis fields, as well as a hall for practicing all kinds of wrestling are located at Alatoo International University.   By these conditions, the university has sections of Greco-Roman wrestling, wrestling, judo and sambo, table tennis, football, volleyball and chess.  Every year, our students show good results taking prizes at the Universiades.  List of sports clubs:


 Toguz Korgool




 Greco-Roman and Wrestling





Academic Clubs

The Club of International Relations is an organization created by the initiatives of students of the Faculty of International Relations.  The main goal of this organization is the use of theories in practice.

 The objectives of the Club of International Relations are:

 • Develop students as individuals, creating a solid foundation for their successful future.

 • Help students gain additional knowledge on their specialization.

 • Collect and provide students with all the necessary information about events where someone who wants to participate will have the opportunity to get acquainted with valuable information.

 • Be a center where every student can meet new people, expanding their connections.


 SKILSPACE - club which acts to develop leadership, and to help students find their future profession, as well as training and familiarization with various companies in the city.

 The club shares one of the most valuable skills that helps beautifully and correctly convey its position to a wide range of listeners.  Those who have mastered the secrets of public speaking, have a great chance to become an interesting person and achieve stunning success in almost any field, be it business, politics and art.


  Enactus is an international non-profit organization designed to inspire students to improve the world through entrepreneurship.  The club provides a platform for teams of outstanding university students to create community development projects that put human ingenuity and talent at the center of improving their livelihoods.  Guided by teachers and supported business leaders, students adopt an entrepreneurial approach that allows people to be part of their own success.


  АIESEC is a student organization created with the main goal: the development of leadership skills among MUA students.  And also organizes internships abroad.


  Financial Club is a platform for students where students can find a practice of their knowledge.  The club also teaches students of financial literacy, high-quality scientific research and the preparation of a competitive financial department specialist.


 CYBER SECURITY-MAT- Exploring the most common cyber attacks and keep abreast of developments in the information world.  Participation in conferences to raise awareness of network security among students. The main goal is to collaborate with KG-CERT, Green Light and with the Center for Information Security.  There are plans to explore the basics of the network, operating systems (Kali Linux), the basics of cryptography, reverse engineering and web application security.


MEDIA CLUB is a journalism club which unites young journalists, designers, PR-specialists and copywriters.  The club conducts for students master classes, trainings, forums and acquaintances with well-known journalists, politicians, editors, journalists and media professionals who are ready to share their experiences.  Students of the club receive skills in developing their own journalistic projects.


 SAB Help and implementation of projects emanating from students.  The club also holds acquaintances with various companies in the world.  Promote the project AKKULA TANK.